Portrait picture of Ed MartinMartin: Insane for Congress to Think It Can Regulate Weather

(March 11, 2014) – Former Congressional candidate and conservative commentator Ed Martin said today that U.S. Senate Democrats who believe Congress can pass laws that can demonstrably change climate cycles resulting from the earth's revolution around the sun underscores how "insane" politics has become.

"It's bad enough they think they can control our health care.  Now they think they can affect the weather.  Have we all forgotten lessons learned in grammar school about the earth's rotation around the sun or the climate cycles that have been part of our planet's history long before we ever set foot here.   This is politics gone wild.   What's sad is the attention the media gives this farce and the credibility some give it because they saw it on TV.

"In the 1970's the rage was about global cooling.   Then it was global warming.   Now, they just call it climate change.  I question whether these people just woke up and realized that the weather does change.   Perhaps the taxpayers of America should demand a refund from the public schools for our money that was spent educating these these people how to think.

"What is going on the US Senate by progressive and liberal Democrats advocating laws that they think can affect the weather is laughable.  No wonder people have such a low opinion of Congress."

Martin is a self proclaimed "common sense, free market, realist who believes in God, family, people and is skeptical of politicians and government in general".

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