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STATEMENT: Martin Suspends Campaign, Withdraws from GOP Primary


(Jan. 10, 2014) - Republican Congressional candidate Ed Martin today issued the following statement:

“As a result of unforeseen personal family challenges that have required and will continue to require my undivided attention, I find it necessary to withdraw from the Republican primary for Congress in CD-02.

“I deeply appreciate the support of those who have joined in this effort during the past months as we have tested the waters and worked to build a foundation for a successful campaign. Sue and I have found it necessary to tend to family matters and it would be unfair to ask those who have pledged to support this campaign, either financially or with their time, to do so given the personal challenges we find that we must confront.

“There are two other viable candidates for the GOP. Either would be better than the weak representation we now have.

“It continues to be my hope that Southern Arizona will send a common sense conservative to Washington who can effectively fight to reverse the damage that has been done to our economy and constitutional protections. Our next Representative should be someone who can effectively fight to improve Southern Arizona and safeguard our community from federal decisions that hurt us.”


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